How to Help

Affordable Housing With A Heart

For over 75 years, thousands of local residents have resided in Utica Municipal Housing. We have assisted invididuals to achieve self-suffiency through our “more than housing” approach. Rather just providing a place to live, we provide a complete set of services including education, job training, and support services.

The Utica Municipal Housing Authority has revitalized neighbohroods, stablized the local economy, and helped to provide vital services. We provide senior residents living on fixed incomes qualify housing they can afford. We help disabled residents to live in mainstream housing with needed supports so they can become independent. We help families with children struggling to make ends meet not to have make the decision between eating and having a home.

Your donation, gift of stock or bonds, bequest, and volunteer labor can bring hope to those who cannot afford a home. Please consider making a contribution today. Thank you for investing in our programs and services for the residents of Utica.

For more information about becoming a supporter of the Utica Housing Authority, please contact John Furman at or 315-735-3362, ext. 34. Donations may be mailed to: John Furman, Utica Municipal Housing Authority, 509 Second Street, Suite One, Utica, New York 13501