Q. What must be completed to begin an inspection in a new unit?

A. Previous tenant must be completely moved out of the unit. Power must be on in the unit. Refrigerator and stove must be in the unit. All repair work / improvements must be completed prior to the inspection.

Apartment must be painted prior to a new unit inspection.

Q. What are the top ten items that fail inspections?

  1. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Inoperable detectors in unit.
    • All bedrooms are required to have a smoke detector
    • All units that have gas appliance, heat, etc. must have a carbon monoxide detector in the unit
  2. Security Issues
    • Broken windows
    • Broken window locks or broken door locks
    • All first floor windows require security pins
    • Windows will not stay up when opened and/or windows that will not open
  3. Inadequate apartment plumbing
    • Leaks at kitchen or bathroom sinks
    • Hot water
    • Toilet loose from floor
    • Toilet or drain plug ups
  4. Electrical Hazards
    • GFI outlets not functioning properly
    • Broken, cracked, or missing outlet and switch covers
  5. Ceiling and wall stains from water leaks
  6. Roach, Rodent, and/or Insect Infestation
  7. Holes in floors, walls, and doors
  8. Peeling or chipping paint at ceilings, walls, or doors
  9. Exterior / interior stairs and railings need to be secured
  10. Front / Rear yard needs to be mowed and clean of garbage and debris