Transfers & Moving

Q. Can I transfer to another apartment in my current development or another development?

A. A tenant may request a transfer at any time by completing a transfer request form. In considering the request, the UMHA may request a meeting with the tenant to better understand the need for transfer and to explore possible alternatives.

Q. How can I find out about the status of my transfer request?

A. Contact your site manager

Q. I was approved for a transfer before my neighbor was. Why did they get an apartment first?

A. There are certain preferences to take in consideration such as emergencies and accessibility needs.

Q. Why must I transfer to a smaller apartment?

A. If your household composition has changed since you were first moved in (for example, child has moved out and you are now in a 2 bedroom), you may to have to move to an appropriate bedroom size unit depending upon your family size.

Q. Can I transfer to a housing development for senior citizens?

A. As long as you are at least 62 years of age or older or disabled.