Home Improvement

The Home Preservation Program provides moderate rehabilitation of homeowner occupied buildings in the certain designated areas of Utica, NY. Funds are available to assist low-income homeowners accomplish this work.


  • Increased value of your home;
  • Improved home safety (codes compliance); and,
  • Neighborhood revitalization.

Eligible Work:

  • Structural improvements to or replacement of foundation wall and floor structure, and chimney;
  • Installation and repair of smoke detectors and safety locks;
  • Exterior and access improvements;
  • Replacement doors/windows;
  • Insulation and other energy saving items;
  • Plumbing or heating system repairs or updating;
  • Electrical repairs
  • Roof repairs and replacement
  • Exterior lighting
  • Ramps and rails;
  • House siding; and,
  • Porches and steps

Ineligible Work:

  • The purchase of appliances;
  • The construction of additions;
  • The installation of carpeting and paneling;
  • Landscaping; and,
  • Other remodeling or cosmetic improvements.


  1. Only applicants who are both an owner and occupant of the home (one to four unit building) to be rehabilitated may be considered as a program participant.
  2. The home to be rehabilitated must be in the designated areas of the City of Utica.
  3. An applicant must meet income guidelines.

Funding Eligibility:

  1. Preference will be given to lower income and elderly households.
  2. The maximum amount of financial assistance that will be provided is $24,999 per structure.
  3. Subsidies to homeowners will be structured as deferred (forgivable) loans with a five or ten year regulatory period with no monthly payments. Each loan will be secured by a mortgage on the property. The forgivable loan will only need to be repaid if the homeowner fails to comply with program rules.

Staff will be available to assist homeowners with the application process.

UMHA does not guarantee the accuracy of the information in this notice and such information is subject to errors and omissions. Receiving this notice does not automatically qualify you for services under this program. All applicants are subject to underwriting approval.